The Seventh Tower
presented by William Max Miller

"Illuminating portions, every System casts a Shadow.
How long must we wait until our rising star
Attains its height & shines down from the Zenith of the Mind
To reconcile the Shadow with the Light?"

Simon Jester's Symbolicon
Explore the Esoteric Tradition with Simon Jester!
Let Simon Jester, a lifetime practitioner of the Magical Arts,
explain the secrets of ritual magic, the Qabalah, the Tarot,
sigil making, meditation, and more.

Divinus Verum est Eternus Lumen

Enter other dimensions with...
Doctor Strange!
Learn about Marvel's Master of the Mystic Arts!

Personal Strange Tales!
Read about the Tower Master's experiences
with the Unexplained!

Be sure to visit
The Theban Royal Mummy Project
View Egyptian Mummies from the New Kingdom
and Third Intermediate Period! This is the website
that was featured on the Discovery Channel's 
webzine, Discovery Online.

The Mysteries Of Egypt!
Learn about tomb robbers, Akhenaten, and the mummy of
a man who many experts claim was buried alive!

The Edgar Allan Poe Corner!
A single page with lots of links and atmosphere dedicated
to America's foremost master of the macabre.

Experiment With Your Dreams!
Why are so many people writing to say that these bizarre
works of art cause strange dreams? Study them for
yourself and see what happens....

The Hill of the Seven Jackals!

The Official Website of Kharis the Mummy! 
Now with an original article about the fears that fueled
the mummy series! Plus read details of how I was the
High Priest of Monster Bash 2003 and met
the mummy in person!

Horror film fans should visit
The House of Wax!

See inside Monster Bash 2003 and visit the weird,
wonderful world of classic horror films.


Confessions of an Opium Eater!
Read an unforgettable passage from Thomas de Quincey's
masterpiece describing the dreams, visions, and nightmares
of the opium induced altered state of consciousness!
Illustrated with mesmeric images from
William Max Miller's Arabesques.

The Tower Laboratory!
We're up and running again, with an entirely new
look and different navigation system! Learn
about chemistry at The Tower Lab!

Learn About a Weird Masterpiece!
The Garden of Earthly Delight
Back online again after the TalkCity crash! Learn about Hieronymus Bosch
and see his most mysterious painting! Then browse the most extensive set
of links to Hieronymus Bosch material anywhere online today!

Domestic Compy's Dioramas!
This is my son's website! Go here to explore
the world of Jurassic Park!

Step Into
Doc Bwana's
House of Shrunken Heads!

Travel into head-hunting territory, and view the many shrunken heads
while listening to lyrical background sounds from
Nutcracker Suite. An experience you don't want to miss!


A Special Message from the Webmaster:
The Day the Towers Fell
A Personal Response to the 
World Trade Center Disaster
From the images of destruction a new
symbol of Hope emerges.

Now With A Soundtrack!
Dreams of Tomorrow!

Amazing Stories , Astounding, Galaxy, & other SF pulps! Artwork
 by Bonestell, EMSH, Mel Hunter, Jack Coggins & more! 
  Destination Moon with  Robert A. Heinlein! All at
Dreams of Tomorrow!

Explore the Links at
The R. T. Gault Memorial Library
A collection of special links forged in memory of my good friend Ditch.

The Heart of Darkness
Relive a chilling scene from Joseph Conrad's
classic tale and see the painting which it

See Our Family Album!
Behold the ancestors of the Tower Master--if You Dare!

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